Concrete Curbing

Use curbing to separate grass from stone, a garden area, or patio.  We offer 5 styles, numerous colors, and have several patterns for the custom touch.


The difference between a good job and a great job always lies in the preparation.  This is so very true when it comes to concrete curbing.  If you do not prep your base properly you will not get great results.  You must make sure your ground is level, plumb, and properly compacted prior to installation of the curbing.  An uneven base will adversely affect the concrete curbing.


Our philosophy on concrete curbing (as with everything we do) is to do the job as well as humanly possible.  Spend the time to properly prepare the base, properly mix the concrete, always use the proper amount of Fibermesh reinforcement, finish the curbing properly, and always use cure and seal.  Other curbing companies will charge you extra for base prep, Fibermesh, and cure and seal, we include this in every job for no additional charge.

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